Forget bowling or sports – live escape games are the best way that employers can promote team building and better business relationships. Have you recently employed new staff? Are you thinking about merging two different departments in your company? Do you want to promote better productivity and efficiency in your workplace? By the end of this article, you’re going to find out how new escape games will allow you to do all of that – and then some. Here’s our review of room escape games and how they can benefit your business.


What are live escape games?

First up, let me explain what live escape games actually are. In short, this type of team game is based on Takagism – an online game that originated from Japan, which has been popular for a number of years. Live escape games take several of the principles of Takagism and replicate them on a much larger scale. And, of course, individuals will be able to play the game in real life instead of on their computer. This game involves your staff being locked inside a special themed room and then having to complete different challenges and puzzles in order to win. The themed element adds an additional layer of fun to the game – which can be enjoyed by staff of all ages and backgrounds.


How these games can benefit your business


Live escape games – or escape room games as they are sometimes referred to – can benefit your business in a number of different ways. As these games involve a lot of team building games Bangkok , they can encourage your staff to work together and meet other employees they may not have spoken to in the past – making them the ultimate icebreaker. They will have to use their intelligence and problem solving skills as a team in order to successfully complete the challenges on time, and they will soon learn that they will have to work with other individuals if they want to achieve the end-goal.


How live escape games can teach your staff about teamwork


+ Puzzles and challenges are based around different themes and will need to be completed by the whole team. Therefore, your staff will need to use their skills and qualities in order to complete the games.


+ As there is often a time limit involved in the games, your employees will need to work under pressure and to deadline – two skills that prove useful in almost every workplace.


+ In fact, the skills learned during an event like this can further promote productivity when staff return to the office. You may find certain members of your staff perform better or work better in a team on their return.



Team building games are an excellent choice for an employer who wants to organize a fun event that has a real meaning behind it. As well as the laughs and fun had by all, employees will learn about the importance of working in a team and completing tasks to deadline if they want to succeed. What’s more, you will be able to customize the game based on the skill-set of your workforce, and choose a theme that is appropriate for your company.