Majority of us grew up learning to play hide and seek or tag. Others played cards and board games which some still do to date. Interestingly, very few of us, if any, ever found ourselves attending rehab for game addiction during such times. Today, however, latest developments in game playing present to us a completely new yet dangerous pastime- video game playing.


Online video game playing and addiction


Creation of the game console and thereafter computer video games has, to some extent, furthered an already existing ability of video games to provide escapism, which in turn leads to addiction for some players.


Just like with other addictions like drugs, alcohol or gambling, video gaming addiction is something many people don’t realize until it’s too late. According to Cornerstone Rehab these are some of the warning signs of addiction to video games include:


• Gaming to run away from difficult life situations
• Playing for an extended period of time
• Skipping meals and showers just to play
• Lying in order to hide gaming activities
• Poor performance at school or work
• Showing signs of irritation if forced to stop gaming


Unfortunately, just like with other behavioral addictions gambling excluded, gaming addiction is currently not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Sadly, some people use this as an excuse to play more video games. Nevertheless, the effects of gaming addiction can have wide-reaching effects which include:


• Inhibiting/limiting social interaction
• Diminished time devoted to healthy outdoor activities,
• Eating into work time
• Affecting your diet
• Hormonal disturbances
• Video gamer’s thumb( tendonitis and swelling)and many more other disastrous effects.


Need to attend rehab for game addiction

Rehab is primarily famous for people addicted to sex, drugs, throwing up, food, alcohol, and plenty of other types of addiction. However, what if somebody suggested that most people nowadays, especially the young are addicted to video game addiction. Wel, that’s a sad true fact.


Over time, video game addiction normally turns harmful since besides perpetuating unconscious behaviors, it undermines our presence. When we are stripped of mindfulness, we tend to live either in the past or the future. And neither of these promotes a healthy approach to life. So in order for someone to be healthy and break free from video game addiction, they must thus attend rehab for game addiction.


Treatment options at rehab centers


Counseling and behavior modification top the primary means used at rehabilitation centers to treat addicted gamers.


In addition, psychotherapy, 12-step programs, medications and cognitive behavioral therapy have also proved effective in treating gaming addicts.


Nonetheless, unlike alcohol or drugs, video games tend to be tied to computers which are today an essential part of life for the majority of the people. As a result, some rehab centers explore controlled use as opposed to abstinence.


Overall, all gaming addiction is serious no matter what a person is dealing with. However, each takes on life in one way or another. Video gaming addiction is undisputedly way more dangerous than other types of addictions and thus the first challenge is for every person addicted to it to be brutally honest about what they are facing and the results they really wish to have. Is it really necessary to attend rehab for online gaming? Well, as we’ve observed, rehab reduces the risk of the addiction blossoming into something terribly dangerous in the long run. So are you addicted to video gaming? If “Yes”, purpose to attend rehab today.